Riiko’s Minion Army: Introducing the Officers

By accident, a confidential picture was leaked in last Friday’s post. I humbly appologize for the fear it might have spread and will make sure this never happens again.

From now on, I will double-check my diary posts and train my minions in utter secrecy and silence.

Speaking of which, I have obtained noble and most respectable allies.

This noble fellow is rich. I no longer need to worry about financing my many minions. Noblocobo is not only noble, he also only eats the most noble worms. Whatever does not wear a crown is below his honor to be eaten. This gives me a lot of trouble…

2013-12-26 Chocobo minion

With all this money, I am now able to provide the best food, housing and clothing situation for my minions.

It also helped me to obtain true officers of my minion army.

With the assistance of Silly One, I was able to obtain the true Chosen One’s seed!

2014-01-24 Sylph Dailies 02

While the Turned Ones were not happy about this development, the Sylphs were celebrating and worshipping the seed while witnessing the birth of their Chosen One.

2014-01-24 Sylph Dailies 04

The Chosen One is a Special One surrounded by a bright light. It is said, Chosen One will be the saviour of the Sylphs!

2014-01-24 Sylph Dailies 05

They were so happy that I found Chosen One, they gave me their youngest sprouse, Sylphixia. Also, they were sure I would take good care of her – I saved the Sylphs so many times from the Turned Ones AND I was rich. Well, Noblocobo was rich. And he only spends his money on minion fellows who are loyal to him… So troublesome.

The Sylph department of my minions will be lead by Sylphixia. She is a young and shy baby Sylph and still has to grow into her role… But the other Sylphs still have to hatch from their seeds so there is enough time for Sylphixia to grow and learn.

Paint-2014-01-27 WHM Sylph Pet

Sylphixia will learn from my most unique minions.

I am part of the Brotherhood now. This allowed me to adopt a tiny Amal’jaa Overlord.

His only handycap is his size. While all other Amal’jaas grow to a height of about 2 meters and more, this one stopped at about 20 cm. Even I nearly stumbled over him one day. He nearly killed me for it.

The only thing that saved me was to offer him a place as officer of my minions. He agreed.

Ever since then, we are best buddies.

2014-02-07 Amaljaa 09


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