Riiko’s Minion Army: New Minions

As you know, I am working on my Minion army.

It is important to say, that I do not treat my minions like soldiers or slaves, but as friends and best companions! They love me and I love them. They are loyal and happy to be with me.

Still, they need to be trained well and know who the boss is.

When adventuring, I found a dying Coeurl. She had fallen in a fight with an other creature and took her last breaths, looking at her little baby. When her eyes came across me, I could feel how she begged me to take care of her kid.

How could I say no? The poor little baby kitten needed a new home! I applied a red choker with a golden bell on her so I wouldn’t lose her when she went playing.

2013-12-18 new pets 01

Just as I had taken the kitten in, it meowed and lead me to a stray wolf cub! It had a red scarf arount its neck so I assumed, it belonged to someone.

A while later, I passed through that area again. It still was sitting there, staring at me with little doggy eyes… Usually I am very resistant, but my minion army could really need a so loyal partner as a dog. I mean… wolf…

2013-12-18 new pets 02

The Coeurl kitten and the wolf cub got along really well. They fight at times, but it’s more for fun. Also, it’s good if they train on a regular basis.

One day, they are grown up and need to be strong to fight by my side. ò.ó

2013-12-18 new pets 03

A few days later, I saw over a hundred people with a little kitten or a little wolf happily running through the realm. It seems we are facing a serious Coeurl parent dying and a possible over population of wolves without orientation senses… Great times are awaiting us!

During a trip to the snowy Coertas, I found a nearly frozen baby Buffalo who had sneaked into a house to warm up. She was shivering and looked at me with such innocent eyes! My heart melted and I sat down to cuddle and warm her with my body heat.

2014-01-06 Buffalo 01

She soon recovered – but she became so hungry that she nearly ate my hat! O.O;

After making sure, its fur was thick enough, we went outside for a bit to look for Buffi’s favorite herbs.

2014-01-06 Buffalo 02

Once she had eaten, her power came back and we played together in the snow.

Buffi isn’t the best in catching my snowballs but she’s getting there…

2014-01-06 Buffalo 03

Speaking of snow… remember my trip to find the Behemoth Mother of my little cutsy-wutsy Baby Behemoth?

It still hasn’t grown much but I am working on it on a frequent basis.

2014-01-19 Baby Behemoth

No, this is not my Baby Behemoth. This is Sir Scott’s baby Behemoth.

Hell yes, was I scared and surprised about how much it had grown! Comparing to my baby… Mine is a joke!!

This calls for more serious training.

No time to report about other Minions. WE GOTTA TRAIN SO YOU GROW! “o_´´o


Paint-2014-02-03 Minion army RISE




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