How the Brave One did not save the Chosen One

As I was wandering through the Sylphlands, I came across the most wonderful sightings ever.

2013-12-27 Sylph Daily 08

Near this giant glowing mushroom-like thing, I found a glowing seed. It emitted warmth and somehow I was drawn to it. When getting closer I had the impression of feeling a heartbeat within the seed! O_O;

I picked it up and carried it to the Sylphs to let them check what it was.

2013-12-27 Sylph Daily 09

They were mostly amazed as I had found the seed of the Chosen One! Sylphs aren’t born. They grow within a seed and hatch whenever they are ready.

The joy was big but it was abruptly stopped as another me appeared. O.O;

2013-12-27 Sylph Daily 10

Of course I saw through the disguise of the masked one. And while nobody had payed attention, she had stolen the seed of the Chosen One!

2013-12-27 Sylph Daily 11

Everyone was shocked but nobody did anything to stop them. I wasn’t sure what was going on or who the Chosen One even was!

2013-12-27 Sylph Daily 12

The Masked one was angry, that the Not-Turned-Ones infiltrated their territory and didn’t acknowledge Ramuh as their master. They took the seed of the Chosen One with them. Nobody could stop this terrible undertaking.

2013-12-27 Sylph Daily 13

The Sylphs fell into despair and it was up to me to look for the seed of the Chosen one…

There was just one issue: The seeds look all the same to me! @_@;; And there are SO MANY!

2013-12-27 Sylph Daily 14

I found a solution: Hard work will pay off one day.

Paint-Comic-2014-01-31 Seed of the Chosen One


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ramzah
    Feb 18, 2014 @ 21:53:13

    there is a fault in your cool picture, there is written that the sylph said “stupid one” but if she talks to you she has to say “the beautyfull one”.
    I wait for correction! Oh! And the name of that Slyph, I have to prepare then a visit with her and my sword…..



  2. Riiko Rinkoko
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 08:52:21

    Thank you for the correction. I checked with the fairies last night and they told me, if someone does something silly, they are called “silly one” and nobody can do anything about it. I should have brought the correct seed in the first place. “Clever ones recognize the seed of the Chosen one…”, they said -__-
    Moxia had given me the quest “Podling Peril” to get the seed of the chosen one.



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