Gotta kill ’em all

Have you ever had the urge to kick that one annoying person from your group? 

Did you ever feel like crushing someone’s bones after they misbehaved and insulted you or your friends?

Did you ever wanna kill someone so badly and nearly cried when realizing, there is no way you could ever do that?

Well, this has now changed. 

Big time.

2013-12-17 Wolves Den PvP 01

What you see here seems to be just another pirate harbor and ship. A normal day of a seaman’s life. 

You could not be wronger!

This is where you can fight. For real.

2013-12-17 Wolves Den PvP 02

The Wolves’ Den is THE place to release all your aggressions and hatred against other people – or against your worst enemy!

2013-12-17 Wolves Den PvP 03

So I visited the place for the first time. It looked quite lively. So many people rushing around, checking out new gear specially made for slaughthering other adventurers. A kind of intense aura spread through the ship while I was walking through it. Those people might hate me and try to kill me soon!

2013-12-17 Wolves Den PvP 04

To relax a bit, I called for my experienced friends: Mr. Chaosi, Ryko’to and Sir Scott!

Mr. Chaosi is always very quick so we conquered the giant ship while waiting for the arrivals of our biggies.

2013-12-17 Wolves Den PvP 05

When bored, one can discover awesome things. Like seeing the complete effects of your magic spells.

2013-12-17 Wolves Den PvP 06

But then, it started. 


The Slaughthering. 

And it was the worst thing ever!

2013-12-17 Wolves Den PvP 07


As you can see in above photo, the enemies are crushing our glorious team terribly! 

I am fairly sure as we registered as a complete team, we were set up against the elitest enemy teams ever. It was so frustrating to be crushed. Luckily, one does not die in these fights, thanks to special pirate magic or so…

Finally, we gave up and went separated ways. 

But I felt so angry.

I did not want to put my PvP career down with nothing but defeats! Things had to change.

That was, when Miss Jam from Euro Asylum showed off with her frequent wins in the arena.

2013-12-17 Wolves Den PvP 08

Yep, you saw correctly. I grabbed her and made her my PvP Mistress. She taught me how to run and survive most efficiently as White Mage. My task was to survive long enough so that my team could kill the other healer, mage and damage dealer.

2013-12-17 Wolves Den PvP 09

And I tell you, this is damn hard when you are targeted first! Constantly being slept, stunned, bound, weighted down and crap is terrible. 

I experienced defeats and close wins. 

2013-12-17 Wolves Den PvP 10

And then, suddenly, a match seemed to go alright. I was dead but so were two of the enemies!

A little bit later, only both tanks were alive. 

It was epic how one tank chased the others, how one poked the other, how one recovered as the other. 

2013-12-17 Wolves Den PvP 11

I had never seen such an even and equal match before! In the past, I felt more crushed by a greater power than fighting an evenly strong group!

And then, it happened! The highlight of my PvP carreer was there!

2013-12-17 Wolves Den PvP 12

As you can see, Jam dealt the most damage in the whole game. And I healed the most out of everyone. 

(Due to privacy reasons, I removed the names of the other fighters.)

And now, at the pinnacle, when the joy and glory is the highest, I shall end my PvP career and go back to my daily life and joy.


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