A White Mage Reborn – Even More Terrible Challenges

EA had made their words true… We gathered to slay the next enemy: Hydra. It had found its home in Halatali, which is actually just a dungeon for new adventurers! Now the Hydra was menacing the poor fellows! Also, I had to slay it so that its power would enhance my dead bird staff’s power.

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 07

So we slayed it.

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 08

Then, I attuned to a beastman aetherite. I still felt well. Everything seemed okay.

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 09

That was until the eclipsed sun started burning.

My heart beat faster and faster and just when I thought it would burst, the flames disappeared.

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 10

Instead, Ifrit was standing in front of me. Hallelujah!

And man, was he strong!

Remember how I reported about slaying the Primals, summoned by the beastmen? Yeah. They were a joke. This was the real stuff.

Ifrit had been summoned by 8 (!) experienced adventurers, including me, and he was a hell of a fireball! At some point, he appered with 2 of his copies and rushed through the battleground in order to run us over like dried sticks to burn us down…

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 11

Needless to say, we destroyed Ifrit.

I attuned to the next Aetherite. I had a worse feeling than before, but what could possibly go wrong with adventurers from EA by my side?

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 12

Yeah. What could go wrong?

Garuda could ascent, for example.

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 13

She could call her sisters to attack us all together, while putting plumes on the ground to damage us while trapping us in a damaging vortex.

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 14

In case you didn’t get what I said: It actually happened just as I described it.

Just that Garuda didn’t destroy us. She just destroyed me and I had to lie consciousness on the ground when the others finally ripped her feathers and my staff absorbed her power.

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 15

The next challenge was a real challenge. Think of any hard fights you had so far. Add them all together. That’s what I was facing next. Titan.

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 16

He was hell.

Imagine a giant rock, dealing nearly constant damage to everyone on the arena, knocking people off with his landslide, while summoning plumes to kill the remaining people. Occasionally dropping bombs to blow up some legs or arms or even whole bodies. Throwing rocks and stuff.

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 17

He totally tossed me off the arena not only once.

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 18

I don’t really remember much. I remember being in hell. And suddenly, it was over. Titan retreated and my staff emitted a slight glow. I felt like it was strong enough to become a legendary weapon.

Gerolt agreed. He had to work on it quite a bit so that the gathered powers would be used most efficiently. I provided him with a super rare oil that can only be purchased from one merchant in the whole world and Gerolt started his work…

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 24

I just adore the way Gerolt talks. Here, a free sample of his magnificent way of speech:

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 24---

And so, I am the proud owner of a Legendary Thyrus!

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 26

My newly learned Blizzard spell (that replaced my suddenly unlearned Thunder spell), looks even more epic with my new legendary weapon! ö.ö

2013-12-18 WHM Epic Ice

Feast your eyes in pure awesomeness, in the most adorable and powerful photos ever seen of my humble self!

Strong, brave and true: Riiko, a White Mage reborn.

2013-12-14 WHM DL

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