A White Mage Reborn – Terrible Challenges

As I had become a great White Mage, I was now searching for a way to achieve God status like my healer idol God Tremaine.

I had heard about Gerolt, the greatest blacksmith in Eorzea. He was able to craft legendary weapons if one fulfills all his requests. Of course, I had to talk to him.

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 03

He was more impressive as I had imagined. Constantly working on something, he didn’t have much time but he told me to search for some old White Mage staff at the U’Ghamaro Mines.

At the last corner, I found a golden glittering box with an old Thyrus – the legendary White Mage Staff. But it was broken and totally worn off and did not contain any magic anymore.

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 02

Disappointed, I got back to Gerolt. He laughed at me.


Turns out, I had to go on a big quest to fill the Staff with magic. First of all I needed to provide him with a self-crafted staff. No problem.

Then, he did some stuff and I had to bring him some Salt that was growing on the D’horme Chimera’s back. This was some terrible foe housing in a cave in Coertas!

Together with random strangers who also were trying to obtain their legendary weapon, we fought the Chimera. It was a terrible fight.

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 04

We were defeated several times and finally gave up. I decided, it was not yet time for me to obtain the weapon. Instead, I went on training weeks in the Wanderer’s Palace to train and obtain the awesome Darklight gear. Many experienced healers in training use this fashionable robe to support their magical abilities.

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 22

At times, I entered the Palace alone and fought alongside random strangers. At times, I was accompanied by Trem, Lyssa and Ritzin. The two ladies were a destructive combination…

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 20

This is how it looks when you take two destruction Black Mages with you…

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 21

Giving Trem a hard time keeping the foes off the, Lyssa and Ritzi basically destroyed the enmies, giving me no opportunity to really heal or nuke. It was so impressive!

It took some time, but I finally felt strong enough to challenge Chimera with the experienced EuroAsylum buddies – some in need of the salt, some just up for some monster slaying.

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 05

Of course, we defeated the Chimera with ease. I was so proud of my own success! Training payed off after all.

Geralt was happy but not happy enough. Next, he needed some suspicious Glyph from a terrible Dungeon…

2013-12-13 AK 01

Full of pracing fanatic mages, suspicious demons and terrible monsters, I was to explore Amdapor Keep.

2013-12-13 AK 02

Sir Chaosi, the best Tourist guide of the Era, took my hand and lead me through the Keep. Assisted by Trem and Emper who were slaying every evil foe for us, we encountered even giant walking armors! They were quite scary as they were COMPLETELY EMPTY!

2013-12-13 AK 03

I then saw the rumored Demon Wall.

I imagined something terrifying and I was not diappointed. Just… I had imagined it a bit different.

What the demon wall is, is a demon in a wall.

2013-12-13 AK 04

And on the sides of the wall, there are terribly deep abysses… If you fall, it’s over. And the Demon angrily pushes you back every now and then so if you are not careful, he pushes you down to die!! /(°__°;)\

2013-12-13 AK 05

I don’t know how, but we somehow destroyed the wall and proceeded through the Keep. In the end, a terrible dragon awaited us. I was so scared, but Sir Chaosi explained, how simple and easyly this foe could be destroyed.

2013-12-13 AK 06

He was right. It groared a bit at us, then died. Easy-peasy!

2013-12-13 AK 07

Thanks to the great tourist guide and the handy Elezen slayers, I was able to obtain the Glyph for my cool weapon!

2013-12-13 AK 08


Happily, I returned to Gerolt and he crafted me some really awesome staff. As he needed some time for it, I just idled around when suddenly, Sir Scott appeared in his black can outfit. He was working on his second (!) legendary weapon! He is such an impressive man – why can’t he be a miqo guy and totally into me? >_<;

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 19

Finally, Gerolt was done with his work and handed me some… staff with a dead bird on it…?!

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 23

I hesitated but the more I looked at it and used it, the cooler it seemed to be.

2013-12-01 WHM Relic 06--AK

As this was not the final, legendary weapon, but rather a basic staff missing any special magical power, I was to slay enemies and later to proceed in challenging trials against the strongest primals!

I was really nervous, but my EA buddies calmed me down. They would just push me into the cold water by dragging me to the primal challenges without letting me know much about the fight beforehand! /(@_@)\


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