Fairy Dancing

One day after leg day training, an intelligent warrior approached me. Alka Zolka the Archaeologist

He had heard about some rare stone tablets with inscriptions that contained long lost secrets!

2013-11-30 Scholar 01

He wasn’t sure if he could find it on his own so he asked me to help him out.

2013-11-30 Scholar 02

We fought our way to where Alka assumed, the tablet was hidden. Some weak bandits were blocking the way.

We just crushed them.

2013-11-30 Scholar 03

In a chest, Alka found the tablet and I found a little stone.

The tablet was written in a cryptic font that Alka was able to read effortless. It was something abot a Scholar, fairies of the moon and sun…?

2013-11-30 Scholar 04

After Alka had read the tablet, my stone started glowing and released a glittering fairy! WHOA!

2013-11-30 Scholar 05

She called herself Eos, the healing fairy.

2013-11-30 Scholar 06

While we were pretty impressed by the little fairy talking to us, suddenly, she started glowing even brighter!

2013-11-30 Scholar 07

And then she transformed into Selene, a supporting fairy! Alka was so surprised, he let the tablet fall to the ground while I couldn’t get my eyes off that little fairy.

What was this magic?! This wonderful, beautiful miracle girl!

2013-11-30 Scholar 08

The fairies decided to become my pets whenever I was holding the stone I had found. Just a while ago I had obtained Mini-Ifrit, now I was the master of two lovely fairies! How lucky am I?

Riiko Survey Poll 04-highlevel

Of course, I practised with my fairies in order to train them to properly listen to all of my commands while also acting on their own behalf when I’m busy in fights.

Also, I trained them to perform flashy, shiny and lovely dances while using their skills.

Riiko Survey Poll 05-dancing

Praising yourself isn’t th ebest thing to do but I think, I did a great job here!

Plus, their legs were properly trained unlike those of Mini-Ifrit.


P.S. Later that day I realized that there were hundreds of adventurers who were followed by Eos or Selene. But I had just found that Tablet that had been lost for a long time?! How was that possible?!

After thinking about it, it all made sense. Alka had seen me many times in the Arcanist Guild and observed my progress. When he thought, I was skilled enough, he took me on a fake archaeologist research and we happened to find a stone tablet that he had locked in the chest, protected from hired mercenaries who were protecting the chest in case strangers tried to steal them. Alka then handed over the stone and cast his magic spell so that I could summon the fairies.

All the time he let me think I was something really special! There must be hundreds, thousands of these fairies, looking for adventurers to adopt them and give them a home.

Everyone: Check out Alka Zolka as soon as possible to give Fairies a new Home!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ramzah
    Feb 07, 2014 @ 21:20:07

    So weird, why is your Eos and Selene so much beautier then that of the others. You just cant do anything ugly. Ö.Ö



  2. Riiko Rinkoko
    Feb 08, 2014 @ 10:42:12

    You think they are prettier than the others? I wasn’t sure but looking at them felt like something was different from the other fairies, but I wasn’t sure what it was… Thanks for clarifyling this! ö.ö



  3. Ramzah
    Feb 09, 2014 @ 02:33:53

    Always again! ^.^



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