Leg Day

I took a nice and relaxing walk through Gridania, when suddenly a Miqo lady approached me. She was called Y’mhitrallalala and had heard about a firey stone that was lost in the Sagolii desert. She asked me if we could research it together and as I was carrying an Arcanist book, she thought, I was suited for this kind of task.

Um… okay? Let’s do it.

2013-11-30 Summoner 01

We went to the desert and with my awesome detective skills, I found the shining stone.

2013-11-30 Summoner 02

Suddenly, from the stone, a huge fiery explosion erupted!! Just in time I tossed the stone far away which saved my life.

2013-11-30 Summoner 03

Suddenly, a super small version of the Primal Ifrit without legs was floating in front of us. He brabbled something about a trial and being worthy and I had to defeat him and stuff.

Then, he attacked us.

2013-11-30 Summoner 04

It wasn’t a too challenging fight. His attacks didn’t hurt Carby too much and my damaging spells hurt him over time so it didn’t take too long until he retreated back into the stone.

2013-11-30 Summoner 05

Y’mithra congratulated me! I could now become a true Summoner by holding the stone tight! I also would be able to summon this Mini-Ifrit who seemed to have skipped leg day all his life.

The first thing I invented after becoming Ifrit’s boss was Leg Day!

Paint-2013-12-19 Ifrit Leg day

As good pet owner like me, you train together with your pet to motivate it and strengthen the bond between the two of you. Also, Matching clothes increase the bonding as you feel like being true partners although you are just pet and master.

I will make your legs better and stronger, Ifrit. Do not worry.


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