One Book to Rule Them All

Merchants had been attacked by evil Pirates. Pirates from Redbeard’s group!

I hurried to heal the merchants’ wounds and questioned them for details and clues about where the pirates fled to.

2013-11-23 Pirates 01

This lead me to a Pirate hideout. I investigated and created a bit of chaos, but the Redbeard Pirates did not show up.

2013-11-23 Pirates 02

I traveled deeper into the stronghold. Sahagins owned this place but they weren’t really dangerous. They couldn’t catch me on me fast feet and left me alone while I was resting on a shell.

2013-11-23 Pirates 03

I then found a giant crystal in the middle of their home. This was probably where they prayed to the Primal Leviathan.

2013-11-23 Pirates 04

I tried to apply some magic to the crystal in order to stop prayers reaching the Primal. It didn’t work but at least, Leviathan had never really menaced Eorzea. So for now, I could leave it like this and focus on the Pirates.

2013-11-23 Pirates 05

And I figured out, what to do.

After the lovely Miqo’Arcanist lady had lost her Arcanist book, I had to get her a new one! I practised with Carbuncle and documented my experiences.

2013-11-29 Arcanist 01

Them, I was called to the guild leader who had a lead on the Miqo’Arcanist Lady’s original book!

Of course some bandits (pirates?) had stolen the book from somewhere and we invaded to get it back.

2013-11-29 Arcanist 02

After defeating the bandits, I procured the book from their wagon.

2013-11-29 Arcanist 03

Quickly, we called the Miqo’Arcanist lady to check her book. I was positive, with her helt, we would be able to slay the Redbeard Bandits once and for all!

2013-11-29 Arcanist 04

Unfortunately, the book was unusable, unreadable due to the immense damage the seawater had dealt to it.

Angrily, we knocked the bandits over once again. Someone had to be blamed after all!

2013-11-29 Arcanist 05

As the Arcanist guild was no help at all, I went to a wise Hermit and followed his leads to find magic scrolls all over the area. I have no idea why someone would just put macic scrolls on the ground and leave them there, but ok.

They should fill up the new book I was planning to make for Miqo’Arcanist Lady.

2013-11-29 Arcanist 06

Suddenly, a Miqo guy started talking to me from the top of a rock.

I was like: WTH?!

Even the Qiqirn Merchant that I was doing some deals with was quite surprised.

2013-11-29 Arcanist 07

The Miqo guy elegantally jumped down like a pro.

2013-11-29 Arcanist 08

Turns out, he is the true guild leader and wishes to support his underlings. Cheerfully, he gave me a few tasks of dancing, happy dancing and joyfully dancing. He seemed to be quite the entertainment loving type.

As he was pleased with my performances, he pulled out a book. A special book!

2013-11-29 Arcanist 09

It was THE book. The giant book of Arcanists. This one was for his dear pupil Miqo’Arcanist lady!

2013-11-29 Arcanist 10

I wasn’t sure how to carry or deliver this book…

Paint-2013-12-19 THE BOOK

I met with Miqo’Arcanist lady in Limsa. While she was expecting nothing, she talked to me about her plans for the future and how much she wished for a new, but really awesome book.

2013-11-29 Arcanist 11

Little did she know, I could make her dreams come true and then make her face her worst enemy…

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