A Bath with Mag

Mag and me met for our date. When I arrived at the Camp, he was wearing his swimsuit… um… what?

I was a bit worried about his looks but I had brought my Cactuar minion with me – for safety reasons and cause he had been really bored lately.

2013-11-30 Magatsu Date 01

Luckily, Mag changed into his normal clothes and the adventure could begin!

2013-11-30 Magatsu Date 02

We took a ride and finally arrived at a secluded place. A small hut next to a hot spring with a waterfall! How lovely. I remember coming here before. This was where I had found a Cactuar from the Zombie. At that time I didn’t have the chance to try out the hot spring really…

2013-11-30 Magatsu Date 03

As I didn’t want Mag to watch me, I entered the house – it was empty – and changed there.

2013-11-30 Magatsu Date 04

When I entered the water in my super sexy bikini, Mag was already sitting unter the waterfall. I eas really shocked – so was the Cactuar.

Was he peeing into the water?!!!

2013-11-30 Magatsu Date 05

He promised, he wasn’t and thus, we sat next to him. The cactuar seemed quite happy now as he finally got to bathe after a long time. I enjoyed sitting there with Mag. We chatted a bit and enjoyed the hot water.

2013-11-30 Magatsu Date 06

After a while, it got reaaaaally hot and I decided to change back. I didn’t really want to leave, but I would faint. And who knew what Mag would do to an attractive Lala like me then!!

2013-11-30 Magatsu Date 07

Back in town, he thanked me for the wonderful day. And so did I.

I really had enjoyed this. Mag is pretty cool and strong. Hopefully, we’ll go out again!

2013-11-14 Magatsu 01



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