I trained hard with my little Phoenix and together, we defeated any foe we faced! With the time, I earned a lot of serpent seals and was able to provide him with fashionable bardings and accessoires. Every time I bought him something new, he seemed so proud!

2013-11-23 Phoenix Adventures 01

Together, we invaded an Imerialist Stronghold. I do not wish to show you the terrible massacre that we created in there. So I will only show you the moment, we entered it…

2013-11-23 Phoenix Adventures 02

For all my efforts in the past for the Twin Adders, I received a new rank:

Second Serpent Lieutenant

2013-12-01 Twin Adders 01

I finally was allowed to adobt the little chocobo chick with this adorable helmet! Compared to my other minions, he’s a real wild animal and can’t stand still for even a second. So adorable.

Please find below my Profile to prove, I am not making things up.

2013-12-01 Twin Adders 03

And because I supported the Twin Adders by defeating all wanted enemies, they gave me a gridanian Mammet! While my Mammet #001 is quite jealous that I obtained a new mammet, Mammet #003G keeps his indifferent attitude. He is a rather calm one and doesn’t say much. Unless I summon him when being next to the other Grand Companies. He then becomes a curing machine. x_x;

2013-12-01 Twin Adders 02

Long live the Twin Adders!

May the power be with you, fellow Adders and non-Adders.


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