The Poison Valley

The next day, Mr. Chaosi woke me up from a nap – I was still tired from my White mage trial and had slept most of the day.

Mr. Chaosi had other plans for me. he arranged a tourist guide! Sir Scott and Euph would join us. Sounded like fun!

He dragged us to a beautiful gigantic cave with lovely glowing plants and shining water puddles on the grass.

2013-11-24 Aurum Vale 01

Strange creatures seem to live there. This blue frog looked so sick and evil. Something was wrong here!

The place was called The Aurum Vale and according to Mr. Chaosi many adventurers have found a terrible death in the poisonous water puddles. Okaaaaaaaay… Poison water sounds great! Why did he drag us there?

2013-11-24 Aurum Vale 02

While traveling through the vale, terrible monsters attacked us. We fought for our lives while trying to not step into the puddles. From time to time, a geysir with poisonous water and gas errupted… Such a lovely place to be.

2013-11-24 Aurum Vale 03

When I thought, we had finally left that place, a giant Gigas stood in out way. With strength, wit and affextion we slayed the monster that blocked our path to freedom.

2013-11-24 Aurum Vale 04

Unfortunately, Chaosi lead us into another cave of the Aurum Vale. Great.

This cave was different.

In this cave, “it” was waiting for us.

An evil creature, spreading poison and death, eating Lalafells for breakfast, main dish and dessert! A more evil creature has rarely been seen by lalafell eyes.

2013-11-24 Aurum Vale 05

Thanks to my strong friends, we managed to slay it while surviving the potion attacks. Turns out, in this area fruits are growing which can negate the poison effects. So that is how weaker foes survive in there!

2013-11-24 Aurum Vale 06

Please find below a heroic picture of the expert adventurers from Rising Phoenix LS!

2013-11-24 Aurum Vale 07

Following Mr. Chaosi’s example, I even dragged a Baby Morbol with me that I keep as minion while feeding and training it so that one day, it will become a huge monster that listens to me while terrifying all evil people that wish to harm me!

2013-11-24 Aurum Vale 08


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