The Battle of Cape Westwind

It was time.

I had been called to the first secret operation of the Allied Forces of the Grand Companies of Eorzea. Our goal was to take the Imperialist Outpost Cape Westwind.

2013-11-23 Cape Westwind 01

I checked with the Grand Company soldiers and waited for their ok. Some other groups would create a distraction, so I could walk in and defeat the highest officer in there.

2013-11-23 Cape Westwind 02

The other groups were ready to go. Operation Westwind was ready to start!

2013-11-23 Cape Westwind 03

It was great that I had called for backup beforehand. From past experience I know that they like to send me into the enemy base alone to die. I’m lucky to be able to call for strong allied adventures who feel used just like me and who are willing to help.

2013-11-23 Cape Westwind 04

So while the other groups were creating a distraction, I walked in while my adventurer buddies stayed back.

2013-11-23 Cape Westwind 05

The big officer laughed at me and called me foolish for walking in alone.

2013-11-23 Cape Westwind 06

Big mistake. My buddies came out of their cover and just smashed the officer like he was nothing!

2013-11-23 Cape Westwind 07

In the end, he just lied on the ground, weeping.

Meanwhile, I checked the portal which I should actuvate as sign for taking the boss out.

2013-11-23 Cape Westwind 08

So I did.

2013-11-23 Cape Westwind 09

The others saw the signal from a safe distance – as always.

2013-11-23 Cape Westwind 10

Everyone was happy, we had made it. Yeah… “we”…

2013-11-23 Cape Westwind 11

They called me and congratulated me. That’s the least I expected from them. They also asked me to come back to assist with the troops… It sounded like there was a problem…

2013-11-23 Cape Westwind 12

With Raubahn I inspected the soldiers. Um… that were not exactly many men…

2013-11-23 Cape Westwind 13

Turns out, some were frightened of the fight that was about to start. I had to search for them and encourage them again.

2013-11-23 Cape Westwind 14

Some had been wounded and I had to heal their injuries.

Sometimes I feel like I am the only poerson who can do that kind of stuff.

2013-11-23 Cape Westwind 15

In the end, loads of soldiers gathered to listen to Raubahn’s speech.

2013-11-23 Cape Westwind 16

I usually find speeches really boring but hey – I was going to invade the next stronghold – this time a really big one. So I had to be present at least.

2013-11-27 Castrum Meridianum 01

Raubahn encouraged and motivated everyone to fight for Eorzea! Yeah! Finally people would support me!

2013-11-27 Castrum Meridianum 02

And then, we all started the attack on the Imperialists together as one big team.

The fight was amazing. Everyone was strong, skilled and useful.

2013-11-27 Castrum Meridianum 03

You know I’m kidding, right?

I am kidding. Seriously. Did you believe anyone would help me? I had to ask Mag and other adventurers if they had time to join me.  Raubahn never fights, he can just talk big. The Elezen boy never uses his weapon. Yda and Y’lady and all the others were nowhere to be seen. The soldiers I had encouraged, healed and motivated would not even look at me!


I have more important things to do.

Like… continuing my White Mage training before invading the gigantic Imperialist Outpost with a few people.

See you later, bitches!


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