Rock Lovers

Not long ago, I received a letter. Attached to it was a purple stone. Wondering, what strange thing Euph had sent me, I tried to figure out what this stone was used for.

When I gave up and dropped the stone to the ground, a little Spriggan ran towards me, grabbed the stone and helt it tight.

2013-11-15 SprigganPet 01

Ever since then, Dust Bunny and me are Mining buddies. Whenever I go to smash stones, excavate jewels or mine ore, Dusty is joining me. I hand him those stone that glitter the most and he loves me for it.

2013-11-15 SprigganPet 02

Sometimes, when he gets nervous or impatient, he accidentally dropps his purple stone. Usually, he feels uncomfortable around many other miners as he just does not know which stones to secretly pick up from them…

2013-11-15 SprigganPet 03

He is also watching me closely when crafting jewelery. I’m not sure if he is worried that I make some crappy rings out of his precious purple stone or if he wants some jewelery too…

2013-11-15 SprigganPet 04

We travel the world together, searching for new rare rocks to mine! No stone will left unturned until we are expert stone hunters!

2013-11-15 SprigganPet 05

May the mining continue! ò.ó/


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