1st Saturday Survey Results

Thank you for participating in the survey. Today, I will reveal the exciting results!

2013-11-29 Riiko Survey Poll-Results

1st Saturday Survey - 01

Most readers wish to know more about my awesome friends. I will start stalking them to report every embarassing details about them. Take care, I might start with you!

1st Saturday Survey - 02

Many readers appreciate my self-drawn paint pictures so much that they miss them in my entries. You shall enjoy my masterpieces a lot more in the future.

1st Saturday Survey - 03

Many readers know the story quests already. I will still finish the story quests until Riiko saves the world but they will be shorter than planned and once they are over, they are over for a while. Please also refer to the timeline, posted further down.

1st Saturday Survey - 04

Riikos Love life is quite interesting for some readers. While she has made many bad experiences and is thus still single, she is fancying one handsome Miqo’te guy. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to progress well in this matter. At the same time, he is making himself quite rare, too. It is a difficult topic but I will do anything to satisfy your needs!

1st Saturday Survey - 05

Complaints about too small screenshots shall be erased during the first weeks of 2014.

1st Saturday Survey - 06

My most loyal fans requested entries on every day of the week and much much more screenshots. After closer investigation and calculation, it is not possible at the moment to follow these requests. Please don’t be sad, I will still use many screenshots while posting 5/7 days with unfrequent Saturday Surveys.

With a lot of effort, I have prepared an awesome timeline for you:

Paint 2013-12-18 Timeline

See you next Survey Saturday which will be some time in the future.


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