Fighting the Imperials

While Wedge was raging among the imperial guards, I was untieing little Battlemage und Urianger so they could join the fight – because with tied hands, one is unable to use magic.

2013-11-19 Invasion 17

We flught hard and knocked them out so they could not run to get backup.

2013-11-19 Invasion 18

Tataru approached my, crying. She thanked me that we had come to rescue them and that she had been so scared. I looked over to Wedge. He seemed relieved that Tataru was fine. Too bad he was too shy to comfort her…

2013-11-19 Invasion 19

Outside the door, we heard some uproar. Turns out, Yda and Y’lady had invaded the place too, but in a different style. They sneaked in and suddenly appeared in front of the highest ranked lady officer of the whole organization.

2013-11-19 Invasion 20

They did not fight. They only bought enough time to distract the boss lady so that we could flee with the ex-prisoners!

2013-11-19 Invasion 21

And so we did… Some foot soldiers ran in to stop us!

2013-11-19 Invasion 22

Wedge stared at Tataru…

2013-11-19 Invasion 23

He ran in to protect his precious Tataru. We did not have the time to hesitate. He just rushed towards the enemies.

2013-11-19 Invasion 24

We also did not hesitate too long and made our way towards the exit.

2013-11-19 Invasion 26

Some more foot soldiers turned up but we destroyed them and their mashines.

2013-11-19 Invasion 27

The mashines were only strong while these devices were running. Once we destroyed them, the mashines were nothing more than rotten cans of spam.

2013-11-19 Invasion 28

When we had nearly left the base, an elite troup stopped us. they pointes magical blades at us…

2013-11-19 Invasion 29

…and shot us to death.

Or so I thought. Y’lady appeared just in time and created a protective bubble around us. The bullets did not reach us and she saved our lives. What kind of magic is this? Can I learn it?

2013-11-19 Invasion 30

Y’lady told me, it was not the time for magic lessons now. We had bigger problems…

2013-11-19 Invasion 31

While Yda used the moment of surprise, she smashed some elite guards with her fistweapons like a wild Ryko!

2013-11-19 Invasion 32

Her little Lala boyfriend was surprised, she had come too!

2013-11-19 Invasion 33

It didn’t help too much. They still had us surrounded…

2013-11-19 Invasion 34

They even had caught Wedge and Rosalinde and Wedgy hurried to join us…

2013-11-19 Invasion 35

So we either had to jump off the cliff and die or run into the blades of the Imperialists and die. Great outlook.

I wish, I had at least kissed some cute guy. My first kiss was still something I had to experience. Also, What would my friends do when they are bored? My diary would not be filled with entries anymore and they might die of boredom.

2013-11-19 Invasion 36

Back then, I did not realize how Rosalinde observed the whole thing. Would she be the key to save us all?

2013-11-19 Invasion 37


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