Lightning Leaves

As I was traveling through Mor Dhona and enjoying the beautiful crystals, I realized, there was a skeleton of a gigantic dragon (?) on an old building that had become a ruin with time. My head hurt as I tried to think about what had happened here. It was like my head was trying to remember something…

2013-11-14 Lightning 13-1

I was woken up from my thoughts by terrible fighting screams and shouts. A new gigantis enemy had appeared from Lightning’s world and only the strongest adventurers had a slight chance to prevent the monster from running around and destroying Eorzea!

2013-11-14 Lightning 13-2

Again, I was fighting with Lightning. This time, she seemed stronger as she had summoned an Avatar to her side: Odin. He seemed really powerful, totally different to the Summoner’s Egis…

2013-11-14 Lightning 13-3

Together, we managed to defeat the foe.

Lightning again agreed to join a short interview. The last article had been a great hit and the readers asked for more Lightning news.

2013-11-14 Lightning 14

Unfortunately, Lightning didn’t have as much time. It seems, the last big monster was the last one that had come over and Lightning’s time in Eorzea was over.

2013-11-14 Lightning 15

As she was glowing in a bright light, I shouted up to her: “May I have your wonderful clothes? Or some cool weapons? Anything?!”

2013-11-14 Lightning 16

It was too late. She had disappeared and only left a storm of feathers behind that fell down on me.

2013-11-14 Lightning 17

When I tried to catch one, it just disappeared in my hand. No sexy clothes for me…

“I left some presents for you at some guy…”, I heard a soft voice whispering in my ear. Lightning had not forgotten to reward me for my help!

2013-11-14 Lightning 18

When I wanted to tell my newspaper friend about it, two guys from a rival newspaper arrived and angrily discussed with her about the latest article and that she can’t just monopolize such news!

2013-11-14 Lightning 19

I had the impression, these three were good friends and work buddies after all and left to pick up my stuff.

2013-11-14 Lightning 20

I then got a call from Mag. He wanted to show me the awesome clothes and weapons he had obtained.

2013-11-14 Lightning 21

He looked so handsome! I felt a bit cold around may legs but… Who wants to look pretty has to suffer!

We then posed for awesome memories. I mean, pictures.

2013-11-14 Lightning 22

Although, I have no clue, how the following picture happened…..

2013-11-14 Lightning 23


P.S. As you can see, my boobs have already grown a bit! I am positive that one day, they will look as nice as those of my idol.


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