Holy crap…

I met Sir Scott in Gridania. He stared at me angrily. He always looks a bit angry… I think, he was telling me with his angry eyes, that my Holy spell was not yet perefected and that he would train me until it was… @.@;;

2013-11-19 Holy 03

I just wans’t sure why he was wearing these strange clothes for this training. Maybe he wanted to impress me with his power? I am still not sure.

2013-11-19 Holy 04

He changed into something more mage-like and together we casted Holy after Holy until he seemed satisfied. I was really proud that he finally liked my Holy!

2013-11-19 Holy 05

We then compared our pets. Of course my pets are a bit smaller – I am a tiny lalafell and how am I supposed to control such a big pet like him? Fire pets are really cool. They are both strong and explode with fire when angry.

2013-11-19 Holy 06

Our potato pets didn’t seem to get along too well. My Potato Golem is more a loner and does not appreciate flying pets. His dream is fly through the sky one day so he is jealous of everyone who can.

2013-11-19 Holy 07

Our Wind pets on the other hand played and danced in the air while my cute eye pet played a few pranks on Sir Scott’s Garuda.

2013-11-19 Holy 08

We then summoned our yellow pets with wings! Too bad that mine didn’t glow as cool as Scott’s. But hey, Scott is so powerful and I’m not. If I ever become so strong, my pets surely will start glowing too!!

2013-11-19 Holy 09

When I went to test my perfected Holy on evil foes, I came across Magatsu. He was traveling with his blue baby pet. So I called mine. I must say, my baby pet looks far more menacing than his Carbuncle.

2013-11-19 Holy 10

He changed to his Black Mage clothing and took out his wand. I was a bit angry. He might be an imp and this was his first step of transforming back to his true appearance!

2013-11-19 Holy 11

So I questioned him:

2013-11-19 Holy 12

I’m so glad, he is no Imp and no danger for me! I should invite him to fight for me more often. He could be of great use as he is pretty strong… I continued my travel and stopped at some old ruins. Nobody was there, I was all alone. This was the perfect place to practice my magic and become even stronger!

2013-11-19 Holy 13

I am a White Mage. I am your light in the dark. I will guide you the way through any fight. I will protect you and heal you while you are slaying demons. I will be there for you if you keep them off me.

2013-11-19 Holy 14

I am your White Mage!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ramzah
    Dec 09, 2013 @ 22:17:12

    “I am your light in the dark.” Yes you are my light!!! Praise Riiko!!! Ö.Ö
    You should ask Sir Scott how to proof if someone is an Imp. Just to ask him? Then can lie, they are evil! ò.ó
    I still wonder that Imps are not flamming up when they come near you, with your pure white holy beauty Aura!
    (WOW! Very nice pictures!!! Even SE presents such good screenshots!) ^^



  2. Riiko Rinkoko
    Dec 10, 2013 @ 09:37:21

    Whaaat? You mean imps would lie to me? O.o That is really hard to believe. Why would someone lie like that? I will ask Sir Scott as consultant. Thanks for the tip!!

    Awww, you are exagerating. My aura is not that strong yet. ;_; I still have a lot to learn ò.ó/ But do not worry, one day, my aura will destroy Imps like they are nothing! Muahahahar



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