Cid qas quite quick with his implementation of the crystal into his airship. A few days had passed until he invited me to the travel.

2013-11-10 Fairy pet 07

The airship now looked so much nicer than before. Cid really had done a great work. Also, it was not shaking dangerously anymore while floating in the air…

2013-11-10 Fairy pet 08

While flying, Cid siddenly seemed to remember everything!

He took off his goggles… and he had a strange round dot on his forehead?! o.ô

2013-11-10 Fairy pet 09

He made a great deal out of it and claimed, he remembered everything.

He grew up as an engineer and inventor like his father. He designed this traveling thing that the Imperials and some adventurers use. Seems he was a genious!

2013-11-10 Fairy pet 10

Turns out, his das was an officer or so in the Garlean Imperial and Cid wa shis successful inventor son. o.ô Cid was one of the bad guys?!!

2013-11-10 Fairy pet 11

Then, Cid invented the airship. On his first trip together with good friends of his, he was having doubts. He didn’t want his inventions to be used for war. He wanted peace.

That was when a bright light appeared.

2013-11-10 Fairy pet 12

A little girl appeared in front of Cid and smiled at him. Um… that’s me…?

2013-11-10 Fairy pet 13

The little girl gave him the goggles so he could hide his garlean empire eye. Okay, so this dot was supposed to be the third eye all imperials seem to have? OKAY?!

2013-11-10 Fairy pet 14

I didn’t remember ever doing such a thing, plus, I don’t remember of having such a bad taste – the goggles are obviously really unfashionable… Or maybe… had that been my evil aunt? But then again, why was she wearing the exact same clothes as I was wearing when Cid told me that story? o.ô

Still, I smiled and pretended I knew what was going on.

2013-11-10 Fairy pet 15

So we flew above the clouds. I had read in a book that above the coulds, it was so cold that one would freeze to death. The Enterprise was probably a magical airhip that protects its passengers.

2013-11-10 Fairy pet 16

We approached a whirlwind-thing. Cis was aiming directly into it! Weeeee~

2013-11-10 Fairy pet 17

Strangely, we landed totally calm and without trouble. I quickly thanked the Twelve for the safe trip.

2013-11-10 Fairy pet 18

The Elezen boy and Cid waited in front of a wooden door. They told me, when I was prepared, I should open the gate and face Garuda.

2013-11-10 Fairy pet 19

Of course, I was not prepared. I just took a cool screenshot to seem prepared for everything.

I left as quickly as I could and continued my White mage training.


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