Crystals, Crystals, Crystals

Together with my backup, I slayed the dragon with honor, power and success.

That’s what I would love to tell everyone but it’s not exactly what happened. The dragon knocked me out with some dangerous ice breath and the others fought for their life.

2013-11-06 Stone Vigil 11-2

With the last power reserve, one damage dealer was able to pull off a super strong attack that killed the dragon.

2013-11-06 Stone Vigil 12

When I woke up, I saw a blue crystal floating down into my hands.

2013-11-06 Stone Vigil 13

Again, I found myself in a strange glowing circle where the other crystals were stored. Only one was missing… What would happen if  I obtained the last one…?

2013-11-06 Stone Vigil 14

Suddenly, the Elezen boy and Cid called me. Cid somehow remembered that this was his ship and how to navigate it. Wow, I didn’t now he didn’t know how to do it when we found it. Great.

2013-11-06 Stone Vigil 15

I asked if we could take my backup with us. The Elezen boy moaned a bit but then allowed them to travel with us – in the cargo room…

Cid started the Enterprise and off we flew!

2013-11-06 Stone Vigil 16

We parked in Gridania and got off the airship. It was finally warm again. I didn’t want to complain to spend all the time in freezing Coertas but it was SERIOUSLY FREEZING COLD out there!

2013-11-06 Stone Vigil 17

Then, Cid started to explain some technical stuff about the Enterprise and Garuda manipulating crystals and stuff. I didn’t get everything but he basically needed a crystal with power but without any elemental alignment.

2013-11-06 Stone Vigil 18

Ugh, where Should I find something like that? And why did I have to go?

The Elezen boy recommended meeting the Sylphs. Happily I went to see them again~

As per their request, I traveled deep into the Sylphlands where the Touched Ones live.

2013-11-10 Fairy pet 01

There, I was to find and rescue this lovely Spriggan. He was stuck on a branch and couldn’t get off anymore.

2013-11-10 Fairy pet 02

I then brought him back to the Sylphs. Turns out, the little guy was their pet! I really wished, I had such a cute pet too!

2013-11-10 Fairy pet 03

Then, their pet lead me into a cave. At first, I thought he wanted to become my pet, but turns out, it just showed me a way to obtain an unaspected powerful crystal. What a let-down.

2013-11-10 Fairy pet 04

I thanked the pet and traveled back to Gridania. Cid was really happy about the crystal and it seemed, his memories came back bit by bit. He said, he had the knowledge about how to put the crystal into the airship. Also, he needed to repair the airship as the snow and ice had not been too nice to it.

2013-11-10 Fairy pet 06

Learning from past experience, I expected him to make me do that for him…

2013-11-10 Fairy pet 05

Surprisingly, he told me to come back later once he had finished the work on his airship.

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