The Ice Dragon

We entered ruins full of snow, ice and dangerous foes. The so called Stone Vigil was also said to be home of evil dragons.

2013-11-06 Stone Vigil 01

As the Elezen boy and Cid were nowhere to be seen, I called for backup. Mag and two stranger assisted in the slaying of dragons, imps (I nuked them to death with greatest pleasure), elementals and oter dangerous monsters.

2013-11-06 Stone Vigil 02

Suddenly, the boy and Cid appeared. Of course this was in the moment when I was out of danger and discovered the Enterprise.

2013-11-06 Stone Vigil 03

They were like: Hey, good job Riiko!

Well, I was glad I had helped.

2013-11-06 Stone Vigil 04

They did what any normal person would do: sneak around the huge sleeping dragon that was blocking the way between us and the Enterprise.

2013-11-06 Stone Vigil 05

They were like: Hey Riiko, wait there until we’re at the airship in case it wakes up.

I was like: um… pff… fine…

2013-11-06 Stone Vigil 06

Of course, the dragon woke up. It was the ice dragon Isgebind, a mythical creature, said to be much stronger than most other dragons.

2013-11-06 Stone Vigil 07

The two were like: Hey Riiko, we’re save at the Enterprise! Could you slay that dragon real quick for us? kthx.

2013-11-06 Stone Vigil 08

In the same moment, this masked hoodie guy appeared again and strengthened the power of the dragon – then disappeared again.

2013-11-06 Stone Vigil 09

I was so mad!!!

2013-11-06 Stone Vigil 10

Luckily, the backup I had called had not bailed on me – in contrast to the Elezen boy and Cid.

2013-11-06 Stone Vigil 11

Together, we might be able to survive the dragon’s attack… If you never hear from me again, you will know I was eaten by Isgebind.


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