GiGi, ThE eXtRaOrDiNaRy LoRd Of ThE iNfErNo

I worked days and weeks. I crafted more jewelery than anyone can ever imagine. My eyes became sharp for small details, my hands became skilled with crafting the tiniest rings.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 06

And one day, I had finally made it. I had crafted THE ring.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 07

It was a Black Pearl Ring that a good merchant customer from my Goldsmith guild had requested. He was going to meet with the Sultana and found only the finest Black Pearl Ring a suitable present for her.

When I returned to Ul’dah to hand over the ring, a guard stopped me. He warned me about a famous thief that had been seen around the guild. He wondered if I had seen anything suspicious.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 08

I had not so he came to the guild with me where my master and the merchant customer waited already for me.

Only that the guard accused our dear customer to be the thief!!

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 10

As it was evidence, I had to hand over the ring I had worked on for so long! Was it all for nothing?! I could not imagine that my dear customer was a thief. He had always payed very well…

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 11

So the guard took ring and customer with him.

Gigi had observed it all from afar. He was not happy about this.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 12

Gigi knew something, so I decided to take him to the Pearl Lane.

There, we found the guard and our slightly beaten up customer! What was going on?!

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 13

Gigi accused the guard of being the thief and using our dear customer as decoy. As a loyal assistant to the guild, Gigi could not allow this – although he saw himself more than a master of the Guildmasters.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 14

I could not believe Gigi’s words but his experience and ages of leading the guild hat taught him wisdom. And how to read people.

When my Guildleader Serendipity approached, the guard took out a gun and attempted to shoot our customer!

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 15

Befote the guard could pull he trigger, Gigi jumped up and grabbed his arm.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 16

Angrily, the guard shook off Gigi angrily who fell to the ground. But… he stopped moving and suddenly just lied there!

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 17

In the very same moment, our customer headbutted the guard with all his power. Gigi had saved his life and he thanked him by knocking out the evil guard! What a brave and strong customer. I couldn’t be prouder.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 18

Next to the guard I found something. The Black Pearl Ring I had made for our customer was shining in the sunlight. It must have fallen out of the guard’s pocket when he fell…

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 19

When I turned around to Serendipity who was sitting next Gigi, weeping in fear and worry, Gigi said his last words…

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 20

He then closed his eyes.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 21

It was so him to complain about the most trivial things in the worst moment… Tears built up in my eyes when I remembered what I was holding in my hand. The Black Pearl Ring!

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 22

I did not want to allow Gigi to leave us. I was positive that I could do it.

I attached the ring to Gigi’s body. If my theory was true, Gigi’s mammet soul was transfered to the ring when he attacked the guard and thus, Gigi would only continue moving for a little while.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 23

It really worked!

Gigi opened his eyes again, just to come up with a new complaint.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 24

Serendipity was overjoyed! She hugged Gigi dearly who was not pleased by this affectionate guesture.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 25

Our customer and me were relieved that all was back to normal. He did not request a new Black Pearl Ring. Him handing in the wanted thief would be present enough for the Sultana.

I returned to the guild and questioned Serendipity.

She had not given me the crown yet for my awesome deeds to the guild and Gigi.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 26

She just laughed at me and told me, the crown was not meant for me.

At first, I felt like murdering Serendipity, but then, I smiled, nodded and went my own way.

I had learned so many new things, made great experiences and even saved the guild’s precious Mammet. What else would I possibly want? The crown had no value. Money. What is money? What is it worth if people you care about are sad, unhappy or dead?

I learned a valuable lesson from the extraordinary Lord of the Inferno: Gigi.


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