Lethal Weapons

I started small by crafting handy tools for Crafters. This way, I managed to win some quite rich customers like this Lady who was just an assistant of a great and important person.

2013-10-28 Blacksmith 01

Slowly, I received more and more requests and developed my offers towards the war business. Weapon production seemed promising. $_$

2013-10-28 Blacksmith 02

I supplies soldiers and pirates with many strong weapons and made everyone happy while they made me happy. So much money woooosh!

2013-10-28 Blacksmith 03

Then, one day, this fine Miqo’lady approached me. She had a very special request for me. I should craft the finest sword ever seen. A sword with wings, highest quality, enhanced with the strongest materia.

2013-10-28 Blacksmith 04

At first I wasn’t sure if I could fullfill this request but then I accepted. Not only was the payment really good, the weapon was also a present to a dear friend.

After a long night of crafting, I finally finished the sword.

The recipent, an old war veteran, arrived as the guild. My master had called him to give him this present.

2013-10-28 Blacksmith 05

While the Miqo’lady wished to not be mentioned as the donor of the sword, the Raogalalala veteran compared the new and his old sword sceptically.

2013-10-28 Blacksmith 06

The test of course showed, that my sword would crush any other sword that ever exists!!! ò.óV

2013-10-28 Blacksmith 07

The veteran was happy, the Miqo’lady was happy, I was happy, and the guild was proud of me. What could be even better than that?

Oh right, I now have really cool Blacksmith clothes of the finest quality that make me look like a pro!

2013-10-28 Blacksmith 08

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