A Weaver Love Story – Clothes don’t matter!

So, this rich merchant Lalafell was talking to the lovely girl. When listening more carefully, he was talking badly about Waku, saying, Waku had such a bad taste and what this terrible person was doing near their stores!

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 11

The lovely girl stayed quiet. She liked Waku – obviously – and didn’t like how the richy talked about him. On the other hand, she knew her father would never accept a bad taste person like Waku…

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 12

The rich merchant raged as she didn’t listen carefully to him. “Listen to me, bitch, or I will punch you!”, he screamed.

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 13

Shocked, I wanted to step in but Waku was faster. He took the slight slap from the rich merchant and protected his lovely girl.

“Are you alright, dear?”, he asked.

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 14

The merchant became even more furious. Waku had totally ignored him and meddled with his affairs. But Waku stood up to him and told him to leave his girl alone!

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 15

With an angry face, the merchant ran off, as he was intimidated by Waku. Obviously a total weakling, this merchant…

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 16

Waku then helped the lovely girl up. She was like “Who are you, my prince?” and he just replied: “It’s me, Waku. I had a friend make me nice clothes to impress your father.”

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 17

She was so happy he had saved her and thanked him from all her heart.

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 18

She then made him promise to never wear such strange clothes ever again. Then, they looked each other in the eyes, totally embarassed.

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 19

The first step was done. They had come closer and would become one of the cutest couples ever!

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 20

Happily I returned to the Weaver’s guild to report to my guild leader. He praised me and then told me, I was old enough to be a weaving master on my own. I should get pupils and open my own brand.

Said – done.

I supervised Leo’s training.

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 21

Together, we opened a boutique for all our friends: Carousel Boutique – Where every garment is chic, unique and magnifique!

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 22


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