A Weaver Love Story – How it all began

My tasks as a Weaver is to make clothes for people. One of my first clients was this lovely fellow, who goes by the nickname Waku as his name is too complicated to remember. I crafted him a wonderful body piece that I thought would look great on him. Unfortunately, he was wearing terrible clothes with it.

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 01

And even more unfortunately, he liked his outfit and ran off to his little female friend to show off his clothes in her dad’s store…

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 02

My guild master nearly cried from the despair he felt.

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 03

Not long after, a little girl approached the weaver’s guild. She asked for some nice clothes and was mentioning a guy with a really bad taste. Could this girl be Waku’s crush?!

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 04

As she looked really pretty, my guild master and me wanted to help Waku out and I made him a whole new outfit of the finest wool. He ran away with it, crying, saying, his love doesn’t want to see him anymore due to his bad clothing! He did not want our help anymore!

And he rushed away before we could react…again.

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 05

Time passed. Several weeks later, Waku came back, rushing into the store. It seemed, he had run all the way here. It was an emergency. He needed the most noble outfit ever! A rich guy had approached his love and was about to go out with her!

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 06

I crafted my finest masterpieces. Waku loved his new outfit but I asked him, to refrain from doing silly poses…

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 07

To give him some courage, I went with him to the location where Waku had seen his girl with that guy…

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 08

This rich merchant was talking to the cute girl that had come to our guild before! And she had seemed to kinda like Waku. Why was she with that guy?!

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 10

Waku was also very sad. How would he possibly have the slightest chance against such a well-looking, rich guy?

2013-09-24 Weaver Lovestory 09

I told Waku that he should never give up on the person he loved! He should go in there and tell her how he felt!

He seemed even more insecure… Oh Menphina, how should I possibly help those two young fellows?


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