The Pain of Weakness

I have a small game for you. Can you find Ryko’to and me in this picture?

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 15

Exactly, the dragon looked at us, laughed and used some Dragon Breath attack on us. We instantly fainted due to the huge pain.

Somehow, Mighto managed to crawl away and call Sir Scott for help. He arrived quickly, slayed the dragon like he was nothing and healed our wounds.

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 16

When I woke up, Migh’to was gone and Sir Scott looked extremely furious. He told us that he brought Migh’to into a hospital so his severe wounds could be treated. Ryko and me had been lucky to faint so the dragon had assumed, we were dead and left us alone.

Scott looked as if he wanted to kill us too. x_x

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 17

He took us back to Gridania, made us sit down and just glared at us. I have never been so afraid.

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 18

Then, he started talking. His voice was calm and strict. It was the calmness that made me shiver. He was seriously angry that we had endangered our lifes to find a Behemoth mother – who would also have eaten us if she had seen us. We were stupid, put ourselves in danger as we did not know what we were getting into.

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 19

I was close to crying but I held my tears back. I shouldn’t be weak! I failed my duty as a Conjurer and White Mage. I couldn’t keep my friends alive. I was a complete failure. I also put Migh’to into hospital. If I only had been stronger!

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 20

Sir Scott especially scolted Ryko as he reacted like he did nothing wrong. He was probably too ashamed to admit his mistakes but I also found Scott a bit too strict…

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 21

Then, Sir Scott made Ryko his pupil. He set time and date for their first training. Scott is such a good man! He is worried about others, takes care of them, makes them learn and then trains them personally!

I also promised to see my trainers.

Sir Scott agreed and warped away to look after Migh’to.

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 22

Ryko was really unhappy about becoming Scott’s pupil. He didn’t see why he should become stronger. All he wanted to do was fishing all day long. I comforted Ryko a little and encouraged him to go to his training and see what it was like. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all! Little did I know at that time that Scott was the strictest teacher ever.

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 23

We parted ways and I went to Sumi-E to report him everything. He scolted me a little but he asked me to go see my White Mage teacher to learn. I already had received my punishment for my stupid behaviour and he did not plan on punishing me further.

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 24

That pretty White Mage Lady was not so happy… In fact, she was furious.

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 25

She made me cleanse trees and work hard for her.

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 26

In the end, she made me do all the annoying tasks she didn’t wanna do cause she was lazy… <_<; cool.

At least, she taught me a new spell! \(*_*)/ Now I am one step closer to protecting my friends better!

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 27

Please be well soon, Migh’to!

And our Baby Behemoths had run away! /(>_<)\


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