The Adventure to find the Mommy of our little Baby Behemoths

Migh’to invited Ryko’to and me to go on a very important quest. I might have forgotten to write about the litte, purple Baby Behemoth that was sitting in front of my door one day. I picked it up and kept it as a pet. Unfortunately, it was a bit lonely and as Migh’to and Ryko’to also had a little Baby Behemoth, we joined him on a Quest to find their mommy!

I met with Ryko and our Babies in Gridania. But there was no sign of Migh’to!

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 01

After waiting for a while, I discovered a very noble deer and approached it. What was it doing in town? “Why are you wearing these strange clothes, Migh’to?”, Ryko questioned the deer. I was confused!

Turns out, Migh’to was wearing a deer outfit to keep warm in the cold. I remembered, he had told us to bring warm clothes! And there I was, standing around in skin showing light crafting gear… Ugh…

I quickly changed and Migh’to showed us the way.

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 02

We mounted our most favorite mounts:

Migh’to, the Warrior of Light presented his tamed but still incredibly dangerous Mr. Gobbue!

Ryko’to, the Stealth Master showed off his elegant Coeurl that can paralyze anyone at will!

Riiko, the little Lalafell summoned her Lalafell eating Mr. Eyefacegrin!

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 03

And off we ran through the forest, through small towns and other locations.

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 04

The journey was long and our bums tired from sitting on our mounts all day. So we decided to sit down at a campfire. As it had started to rain, Ryko took shelter further away. I had to stay at the fire… I felt quite cold suddenly and the fire warmed me up.

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 05

Also the guards had prepared a nice soup! *drool*

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 06

After strengthening ourselves, the journey continued.

And it started snowing.

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 07

As the air seemed to have frozen my lungs and whole body, we took a rest in a house of Camp Dragonhead. I had never seen the snow with my own eyes before. Of course I had seen photos of it… If I only had known it was that cold and terrible!!

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 08

Soon, the guys would teach me that snow is awesome. We did a snowball fight which I totally enjoyed! I ended up dancing with my Baby Behemoth and didn’t even realize that Migh’to attempted to become a naked snowman…

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 09

After all the fun, we cuddled up again in that house to warm up. We talked about this and that (I can’t tell you all credential information!)

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 10

We climbed the highest mountains, forgotten ruins and lonely paths.

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 11

Soon, we arrived at the location where Migh’to had heard about the Behemoth Mommy had last been seen.

But we only came across a bunch of strong adventurers fighting winged monsters! What a letdown!

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 12

We waited and waited. We searched and searched. And as we nearly wanted to give up…

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 13

…a gigantic Dragon came from the sky and attacked us! X_X;;

2013-09-27 BehemothMom 14


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