Titan falls

When I opened my eyes again I found myself in a huge cave with glowing rocks. It looked to pretty!

2013-09-23 Titan2 01

Then, a bunch of Cobolts appeared. They were angry that I had invaded their land and called forth their guardian.

2013-09-23 Titan2 02

I felt a tremendous aura, strong and menacing.

2013-09-23 Titan2 03

Rocks appeared, floated through the air…

2013-09-23 Titan2 04

And the rocks evolved…

2013-09-23 Titan2 05

The Kobolts were dancing happily when it appeared…

2013-09-23 Titan2 06

The ground gave birth
to the coloss of earth!
Do you have the balls
when the titan falls
on the ground to kill!
How strong is your will?

2013-09-23 Titan2 07

I was facing Titan with a few other Adventurers and Neo Lordi. It was a terrible fight. We were crushed by rocks, sliced open by sharp stones, made into pizza dough by his feet and squashed by his arms…

2013-09-23 Titan2 08

I was nearly at the end of my power when I saw a glaring light, so bright that I had to close my eyes in pain.

2013-09-23 Titan2 09

Then, suddenly, the fight was over. Titan retreated into his world and the Kobolts fled angrily. In my hands I held yet another crystal.

2013-09-23 Titan2 10

Y’lady teleported in and congratulated on the win. She could have assisted us… that would have helped a lot actually…

2013-09-23 Titan2 11

When Y’lady was done talking about important stuff, I sat down to cure my wounds. Neo Lordi joined me.

2013-09-23 Titan2 12

He is so strong, handsome and nice! I am sure, he is totally different from Lalafell Lordi! To ensure, he would stay with me, at least for a while, I invited him on adventures.


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