Errant person

Back in Costa del Sol, I took a nap with Miss Crab while Sir Eyefacegrin was watching over us. Later, the two decided to play in the sand while I wandered around. Then I bumped into this fine lady…

2013-09-18 CostaDelSol Adventures2 01

I looked up to her… She was so pretty while I still looked like a little child. No wonder Lordi didn’t like me…

2013-09-18 CostaDelSol Adventures2 02

The manager of Master Gegeruju took the chance to let me run errants for her. I was to prepare a delicious meal for someone. Cool. I was totally not in the mood for it but as it was for Master Gegeruju, I couldn’t reject the request.

I was to find the most delicious ingredients for a majestic meal and a breathtaking superb wine.

I had no idea where I had to look so I climbed on this huge tower and looked for a wine production site and a nice farm or restaurant.

2013-09-18 CostaDelSol Adventures2 03

Exploring the area, I found this fine wine-grower who was friends with the self-declared best chef of Eorzea.

2013-09-18 CostaDelSol Adventures2 04

They argues about which was the best wind, the best food and if I was worthy enough to receive it…

Obviously, I was not pleased.

2013-09-18 CostaDelSol Adventures2 05

The things I do for Master Gegeruju… I ran errants for them. Checked with the wine-grower assistans at the plantation, talked to farmers, restaurant assistants, gathered ingredients, ran around, did stupid things all day long.

Finally, that sunglass-wine-grower thanked me for the errants and gave me the finest wine he had ever produced. The Chef promised me to cook the best meal ever with the ingredients I had chosen.

2013-09-18 CostaDelSol Adventures2 06

So while the chef was cooking, I had to decorate the tables with more flowers. Lovely.

2013-09-18 CostaDelSol Adventures2 07

And what was my reward? A little bit of experience in how to hanle people and some small money. Great.

Annoyed, I returned to Miss Crab and Sir Eyefacegrin. THey wouldn’t make me do all these stupid things for nothing!


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