The horrifying truth about the Forgotten Springs

Together with Sir Eyegrinface and Miss Crab I traveled to the Forgotten Springs. In Costa del Sol I had heard that a clan of Miqo’tes was living there and they had quite some trouble lately… I just had to help them with all my power.

2013-09-18 ForgottenSprings 01

Forgotten Springs is a small village in the middle of the desert. It is build around a spring and loads of Miqo’tes live there. The men are strong and handsome, the women are pretty and sexy. I wonder why it is called “Forgotten Springs”… Quite many tourists were at the site…

2013-09-18 ForgottenSprings 02

First, I talked to the Nunh boss of the U-Clan. He explained to me, that so many bad tourists came to the springs to observe his female friends while bathing!

2013-09-18 ForgottenSprings 03

U’boss gave me the task to punish the peeping toms badly. So I went to the spring and found quite many of perverted guys, staring at lovely Miqo’te ladies who were bating in the spring!

2013-09-18 ForgottenSprings 05

Angrily, I questioned them. They looked surprised and scared and quickly ran off. They better never come back!!

Suddenly, I came ascross a bizarre picture…

2013-09-18 ForgottenSprings 04

What was Lordi doing there with that Miqo’te lady?! I quickly told him off and he fled somewhere. Even Miss Crab was horrified by Lordi’s impossible behaviour.

A bit later, I went back to the spring with Miss Crab to check of peeping toms had returned. They hadn’t but instead, Lordi was sitting there with the ladies, chatting, flirting, enjoying the ladies… My eyes filled with tears. He had gone on so many adventures with me and now he was just after pretty ladies? Was I not pretty at all?

2013-09-18 ForgottenSprings 06

Angrily, I ran to U’boss to report that all perverts had been scared away and probably wouldn’t return any time soon. He was very pleased by my assistance and thanked me deeply.

2013-09-18 ForgottenSprings 07

I decided to travel through the desert around Forgotten Springs a bit… Not, not for exploration… But to kill everything that moved and came too close to me!!! GROAARRRR!

2013-09-18 ForgottenSprings 08

Miss Crab assisted me and together, we destroyed many foes. In the end we were pretty tired and decided to return to Costa del Sol to take a nap.


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