Master Gegeruju

One day, I came across this Lalafell. He had his own private servants. His right hand, dressed in stylish blue, was managing his appointments and ensuring his well-being while his real servant constantly ensured his amusement, mood and a constant cool breeze for Gegeruju.

One could say, he was treated like a true Master – or even a God!

2013-09-17 GodGegeruju 01

Unfortunately, the brightest jewel in the glittering high society of Costa del Sol was found in an unaccountably pensive mood when I met him. While lost in thought, he left the preparation of a festival to me. I was asked to check with the food supplier, with the dancing performers and much more.

2013-09-17 GodGegeruju 02

So I humbly asked the dancer girls to please go back to the festive location, practise their dances instead of gathering the prettiest shells on the beach.

Then, I decorated the beach with pretty flowers!

2013-09-17 GodGegeruju 08

I also checked with the food supplier and he said there have been some complications and he would get back to me later… okay.

That gave me some time to sit down and take a nice break. Lordi joined me too! I was so happy!!

2013-09-17 GodGegeruju 03

Suddenly, half-naked Leo sat down super close to my Lordi! WHAT! He seemed to really like that and couldn’t keep his eyes off her body! And I thought there was something special between Lordi and me!

2013-09-17 GodGegeruju 04

I was so angry, that I frightened Lordi away – he even put on his armor so that I couldn’t hurt him… Leo also fled quickly…

2013-09-17 GodGegeruju 05

Later that day, I followed Leo and cried that Lordi had left me just like that. Okay, we never really had something going but.. but..

2013-09-17 GodGegeruju 06

Leo understood and told me, she never had been interested in such a little and unattractive Lalafell boy. She then asked me if I could find a cooler guy for her.

Of course I did!

2013-09-17 GodGegeruju 07

Maken was not only strong, but also extremely well-looking! I made couple-hats for Leo and Maken and left them alone so they could go on a nice date together. I hope, they will find together! <3


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