Enjoying Exploration

After the private pool party was over, I decided to call Little Lord as i wanted to do some exploring. I love exploring. And Lordi is lots of fun!

2013-09-06 Exploring 01

At Vesper’s bay, I spent my time waiting by practising the unique post from the famous Lalafell statue. Who ever that Lalafell was, must have been important and this pose must have a super special meaning.

2013-09-06 Exploring 02

When I met Lordi, I taught him the pose. Will we ever find out who that Lalafell was? What did he achieve? Will people make a statue of me one day?

2013-09-06 Exploring 03

We traveled through the world. And as you know, traveling makes you hungry. Like extremely hungry. We joined some Archers who were cooking some soup on a campfire. Lordi was so hungry, he couldn’t sit still and wait. He had to run around and check the soup every 5 seconds. >.<;; A bit embarassing.

2013-09-06 Exploring 04

With a full tummy we traveled into the night. The light of the stars guided out way.

2013-09-06 Exploring 05

And that was, when we arrived at a villa. A haunted villa?! It looked super creepy and was located in the middle of nowhere!

I was pretty sure, I saw someone at a window, staring at me…

2013-09-06 Exploring 06

I was so scared that I ran away with lil Phoenix. Lordi had no choice but to chase after me. We should stay far, far away from that house!

Everyone, keep away from that spooky place! Don’t get yourself endangered in there!


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