Muscle Man

So as I continued to travel through the land, I killed an evil Gobbue. I know, this is nothing special. All of us have destroyed many of these Lalafell-eating evils.

2013-09-17 MuscleMan 01

This one on the other hand was bothering the farmers in that area. And guess qhat! This Roegadyn-giant claimed, he defeated the foe and it was thanks to him that the farmer’s land had been freed. Unreal! What a cheater!

2013-09-17 MuscleMan 02

To prove to the farmer who of us was the truly strong one and who was a liar, we did a contest. There were two stones outside the farmer’s house and whoever destroyed their stone first, won, slayed the Gobbue and earned a reward.

So of course this cheating Roegadyn chose the smaller rock… <_<; How unfair was that? He even deployed a small bomb to insta-destroy his rock!

2013-09-17 MuscleMan 03

Thanks to my small and quick fingers, I defused the bomb and blew my stone up within seconds!

So the farmer interrogated the giant… The giant fell to the ground. He just wanted to be accepted and looked up to as when he was still young. I felt a little bad for him.

2013-09-17 MuscleMan 04

But, I had no more time to take care of this giant. Adventures were waiting for me!


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