A White Mage is born

While striving through the forest, I came across two kinda familiar faces. These siblings who had been around our Gridanian leader whose name I always can remember but don’t mention it to test, if you remember it too.

2013-09-12 WHM30 01

We had a little chat – they were basically saying, I shouldn’t be with them cause I’m still a child and too weak for this angerous forest. Nice.

Luckily, we were attacked by an evil Banemite and other scary creatures. We fought side by side and those two just had to acknowledge my power. ò.ó

2013-09-12 WHM30 02

They kinda did. So they told me, they were investigating some giant tree. I wonder how many of these super huge trees there are… Seen one near Gridania, and one near Ul’dah already… They don’t seem as rare as I thought…

2013-09-12 WHM30 03

So suddenly, this tree starts to glow and a glowing rock is floating into my hand.

2013-09-12 WHM30 04

Turns out, the tree observed my fight and I am some special White Mage person. Following the tradition of Conjurers, only special persons of special blood may become White Mages but as the tree chose me, I was allowed to become one too. Okay… The siblings argued about this a lot though…

2013-09-12 WHM30 05

In the end, the big sister had the better arguments and allowed me to become a White Mage. Okay… Is that a Conjurer focusing on healing – like Sylphie’s mother who died? Not sure I wanna be that…

2013-09-12 WHM30 06

After observing this little glowing stone a bit closer, I felt a strong power growing inside of me. It wasn’t just a power that would allow me to heal. It was a power that would strengthen everything a Conjurer stands for!

With this new special power, I even encountered a unicorn!! O.O;

2013-09-12 WHM30 07

It was hurt so I healed it.

2013-09-12 WHM30 08

As thanks, it became my mount and I can control and use it whenever I want! I didn’t know, unicorns are into slavery…

2013-09-12 WHM30 09

Anyway, people were impressed as hell. Only Mr. Chaosi’s purple blobby thing looked as if it wanted to murder my unicorn. ;_;


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