Meet the Fairies

Being well-known but not that strong yet, I became friends with some small leaf-fairies! They were talking pretty stange, calling me “dancing one” o.o;

2013-09-08 Little Solace 01

But then, Yda and her guy destroyed everything, when they used my friendship with the fairies to do political discussions!

2013-09-08 Little Solace 02

The fairies were angry at me for using our friendship and betraying them… Great. Thanks.

So I had to gain their trust again. I danced…

2013-09-08 Little Solace 03

I danced some more and also cleansed some suspicious bad auras in the forest.

2013-09-08 Little Solace 04

But that was not enough. I had to do something big.

This was when I heared screams. The screams of a fairy in need.

2013-09-08 Little Solace 05

The brave Lalafell girl I am, of course rushed to aid the green fairy against the evil purple fairies! Also Yda and her guy joined me.

2013-09-08 Little Solace 06

The fairies were most delighted about our strong protection and allowed us to do political business with them. Except… their leader was currently on a trip and had not returned yet… Everyone was worried but they wouldn’t tell that any random stranger!

2013-09-08 Little Solace 07

So I had to find some fairy. The only choice I had was asking around, activating all contacts I ever had!

2013-09-08 Little Solace 08

Visiting taverns and listen to people’s rumors.

2013-09-08 Little Solace 09

Asking heremits in the deepest forests…

2013-09-08 Little Solace 10

Asking dubious merchants who hear stories from all over the world…

2013-09-08 Little Solace 11

Where will this search lead us? (Yes, I took Lordi with me. He shall protect me while searching!)

2013-09-08 Little Solace 12


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