Something Grand is going to happen

I had earned a lot of attention by the higher ups so I was suddenly invited to join a Grand Company!

Okay that’s cool. What is that?

2013-09-06 Grand Company 01

Three guys, one from each city-state, explained everything to me. Grand Companies are like communities of the strongest Adventurers to fight against the evil and protect teir corresponding home. They asked me to listen to the speeches of their big bosses.

So I went to Ul’dah first.

2013-09-06 Grand Company 02

This guy was holding a speech like he was motivating soldiers to fight. The super sweet Sultana on the other hand was super cute!

2013-09-06 Grand Company 03

For her, I would join the Grand Company of Ul’dah: The Immortal Flames.

2013-09-06 Grand Company 04

After the speech I met those twins again! I had arrived in Gridania on my first Adventurer day with them! What a surprise. They pointed out that ul’dah was fighting evil foes a lot and due to that, they needed more people to fight for them… How lovely.

2013-09-06 Grand Company 05

Together we traveled to Gridania and listened to the speech.

2013-09-06 Grand Company 06

It was all about harmony and living together in peace while preserving the peace at any cost.

2013-09-06 Grand Company 07

I adore Gridania. I grew up in the woods and I feel at home here. The twins told me, that there were quite some issues here, too! The Sylphs were making a bit of trouble and there were several Primals around too. Ugh… The Twin Adders don’t have it easy.

2013-09-06 Grand Company 08

In Limsa-Lominsa, the big male-looking boss was holding an impressive speech.

2013-09-06 Grand Company 09

I didn’t really feel addressed and didn’t listen too well. I’m not from the ocean so I don’t get the issues really.

2013-09-06 Grand Company 10

The Maelstorm is someting for sea-rats and friendly pirates, but not for me.

2013-09-06 Grand Company 11

Everyone has dark secrety but I want to protect my home nation!

I went to the Adder’s nest to sign in.

2013-09-06 Grand Company 12

They expected me and after vowing my vows to always crush anything that menaces Gridania, I was welcomed as one of them.

2013-09-06 Grand Company 13

I was happily welcomed as new member of the Twin Adders. I couldn’t be prouder!

2013-09-06 Grand Company 14

I’m proud to have joined the Twin Adders!

2013-09-06 Grand Company 17

Can you imagine, little Lord joined the Maelstorm in Limsa Lominsa!! I don’t know what I think about that. Is he a sea rat? o.ô I went to see if his words were true… Turns out he really joined them gladly. Well, he will have good reasons for his choice. I will have to investigate without him realize! ò.ó/ I like secret investigations!

2013-09-06 Grand Company 16


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