The wise guy who tamed a Primal

One day, when I was idling around, a noble old guy suddenly talked to me. He heard that I had beaten Ifrit with ease (not really, but I let him believe it…) and was interested in my skills. Mr. Chaosi his name.

He had a strange, big horn on his forehead…

2013-09-05 Chaosi 01

Suddenly, he summoned a bird-angel-like wind creature. The old guy told me, it was Egi-Garuda or something. It was proof that he had subdued the Primal Garuda and was now allowed to summon her at his will.

Even more suddenly, he fell onhis kneed in despair. “She is so small! What have I done to deverve such a tiny and ridiculous looking primal? All I wanted was power over an epic and enormous Primal! This is what I get.”, he screamed.

2013-09-05 Chaosi 02

I felt bad for him but I didn’t know what to do to comfort him. Mr. Chaosi seemed old, wise and pretty strong. Everything I was not! Except I’m pretty strong, too. At least a bit.

He recovered from his burst of despair pretty quick and invited little Lord an me to a dangerous dungeon.

Halatali. Halalalatalalala~

2013-09-08 Halatali 01

So we fought in a dark undercround old-castle punisching ground against evil creatures.

2013-09-08 Halatali 02

And we fought even more! Mr. Chaosi’s Garuda was quite impressing. I think she even supported us by blowing away the bad smell inside the dungeon.

2013-09-08 Halatali 03

We then had to face an evil minotaurus.

2013-09-08 Halatali 04

No problem. Mr. Chaosi and little Lord were with me and we just slaugthered it like it was nothing.

2013-09-08 Halatali 05

At the end we found some treasure chest and little Lord obtained a slightly weakish looking body piece. He still was super-happy about it.


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