Detective Riiko’s secret Investigation

One fine day, I casually rescued a helpless lady from evil merchants who tried to made her pay for a robe which was actually her own. She also didn’t have any more money to just pay so that they would leave her alone. I could not accept such unfair behaviour.

After my great act, I was invited to a kind of underground organization. I had met some of the members before and we had fought together but I never expected them to be involved in something this big.

2013-08-29 Thanrced 01

Thancred, a very handsome member of the group, took me aside and asked me for help. The evil merchants I mentioned earlier were part of some bigger organization who was involved with some primae. What?

2013-08-29 Thanrced 02

I was not sure what everyone was talking about but it seemed very serious. I offered my help and went off to Camp Drybone outside of Ul’dah to investigate the issue. Thancred provided me with normal Ul’dahnian merchant clothes to blend in with the locals. Off to my secret investigation! Maybe someone had heard about the evil merchants?

2013-08-29 Thanrced 04

During my investigation I found out that a dear friend of Thancred had been killed by the evil merchants. This was the reason why Thancred was pushing this investigation so much! I put down a white lily for him. Rest in peace, dear friend of my handsome new friend.

2013-09-02 Flower at graveyard

I went to find the evil merchants to destroy and enprison them. Thancred and me had an evil plan. Still dressed as local commoner, we pretended to wanna do cool deals!

2013-09-06 Thancred 05

It didn’t take too long until a shady man appeared. We caught him and made him talk. He was just a weak and guy and instantly told us everything he knew about the big evil bosses! Even their secret hideout and favorite underwear!

2013-09-06 Thancred 06

As I was a bit scared to go alone to the big burglar’s nest, I asked Lord Razico to join me. I was super surprised!

He had dyed parts of his hair black, styled it differently and had grown a beard! x_x;

Also he was wearing an eyepatch!

At first he looked so scary that I was thinking about running away but I figured, he would be good at scaring other ppl away too. THat could come in handy some time.

2013-09-06 Thancred 07

So we went to the hideout together. Some scary ruins. There, we met with a group of ul’dahnian soldiers… and the burglars… Who seemed to be best friends with the Al’alalalala beastmen!!

2013-09-06 Thancred 08

As we wanted to capture the evil guys, we had to fight the Al’alaalla first.

2013-09-06 Thancred 09

I thought we were doing quite well but it turns out we had an ul’danian traitor among us! He had told the burglars everything about our plans and so they had prepared an army of Al’alalala beastmen…

2013-09-06 Thancred 10

We had no chance but to surrender. Where was Thancred?!

Then, the Al’alalala performed a strange ritual…

2013-09-06 Thancred 11

The moon moved in front of the sun and inside the eclipse, something seemed to burn…

2013-09-06 Thancred 12

This was no good sign. I felt a really strong presence, Much stronger than what I felt around Mormo and the Thaumaturges!

Please let us live through this! @.@;


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