Craft all the things!

I decided to do something other than conjuring as I wanted to prevent babysitting Sylphie by any means!

This lead to me spending time on differend Disciples of the Hand.

First, I chopped some wood from my logging adventures into nice shields and other woddy stuff. The guildmaster was okay-ish impressed.

2013-09-05 Crafting 01

Then I killed animals and made their skin into fine leather and leather boots, gloves, belts and much more. The Leatherworker Guildmaster was also a little bit impressed. She told me, I should know where the material come from that I use… Dude, I killed animals on my own and took off their skin. i know where all this stuff came from!

2013-09-05 Crafting 02

Maybe alchemic experiements are more fun? I crafted potions, tinctures, strange stuff but it wasn’t really my thing. The guildmaster thought the same…

2013-09-05 Crafting 03

Fine, I will make something cool. Shiny accessoires that every girl loves!

The Goldsmith’s Lady really liked my necklaces, rings, earrings and stuff but this mammeth was pretty… strange… Always critisized my work.

2013-09-05 Crafting 04

Suddenly, I met Leonie! She was making cool clink-clink right next to me!

2013-09-05 Crafting 05

I got really nervous when she sat down to observe my work… She is so experienced and her work is well-known in our Linkshell!

Did I mention I joined a Linkshell of Sir Scott? It’s nice to be able to talk to everyone anytime.

2013-09-05 Crafting 06

Suddenly, Leonie gave me lots of jewelery! There were even two pieces of the highest quality ever seen!

2013-09-05 Crafting 07

I was so impressed. This was when I realized, that I should leave the jewels to someon with more talent than me.

So I checked out the Armor makers and Blacksmiths!

2013-09-05 Crafting 08

They were not impressed at all.

2013-09-05 Crafting 09

Fine, screw you guys! I’ll cook and put some poison in it that I created at the alchemists!

But the chefs at the Culinarian’s Guild liked my food so much that I had felt bad if I had put poison in it…

2013-09-05 Crafting 10

So I left it like that and went back to my beloved weavers. I still fest the most comfortable with them.

2013-09-09 Crafting



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