A Conjurer growing up (about time!)

I thought I had gotten away from taking care of Sylphie. But she just would not learn and accept the true path of a Conjurer. And she wouldn’t quit either.

Sumi-E, our big boss called me to him. All my excuses did not work on him so I had to go see him. And Sylphie. GAWD!

2013-09-11 CNJ30 01

We we had to go somewhere in the forest near some water resource as there was some sinister aura and stuff. Sylphie was all serious while I just hoped it would be over soon.

2013-09-11 CNJ30 02

Suddenly, an evil Eye appeared! His dangerous wings flapped through the air and his mouth with the extremely sharp teeth was just big enough for one Lalafell…

2013-09-11 CNJ30 03

I squieked and pushed Sylphie back. As much as she annoyed me, I could not let anything happen to her!

2013-09-11 CNJ30 04

As I was well experienced in fighting, I managed to get the eye caught in some planty stuff that grew from the top of some rocks. Maybe this enabled Sylphie to suddenly FIGHTY BY MY SIDE AND USE MAGIC.

2013-09-11 CNJ30 05

I was like: What is happening here? Am I dreaming?

But it all really happened.

After we defeated the dangerous Lalafell-eating moster, Sylphie fell to the ground. She just lied there. I was a wee bit worried as she suddenly started to laugh like crazy. DAFUQ?

2013-09-11 CNJ30 06

Turns out, she just experienced the love of nature and the friendliness of the elements. She became one with the nature!

2013-09-11 CNJ30 07

I wasn’t too sure if this was just a mood or if it was for real. If she was serious about it, I would never have to babysit her again…

2013-09-11 CNJ30 08

She finally stood up and healed some small wounds of mine. The Eye’s sharp claws had scratched my pretty skin a little…

2013-09-11 CNJ30 09

As Sylphie’s magic reached me, I felt warm. It was an incredible feeling. Being healed by anyone feels nice as your wounds stop hurting but this!! It was a great feeling.

2013-09-11 CNJ30 10

In that moment I knew that one day, Sylphie would become the strongest and most loving Conjurer in Eorzea.


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