A Conjurer in need

Back at the Conjurer’s Guild I was looking for someone in need. And I found someone indeed. A familiar face: Sylphie.

Her mother had been a Conjurer who only used Healing Magic and she had wanted to become like her. Actually, I had met her quite often during my path of the Conjurer and I had seen her struggle while she didn’t want to learn the elements of Earth, Wind and Water.

2013-09-02 CNJ 00

E-Sumi had not been able to convince her that there is more to a Conjurer than just healing but the demonstration of my power in the last Conjurer’s Fight had shown Sylphie that healing is not everything. Only if I was with her, she would give it all a go. So I basically had to show her how the elements work.

2013-09-02 CNJ 01

So I demonstrated her the power of Earth…

2013-09-02 CNJ 02


2013-09-02 CNJ 03

…and Water.

2013-09-02 CNJ 04

Well, I was actually cleansing elemental Sprites again while she was watching and cheering me on. I have no idea how this could possibly be of any use.

But indeed it had shown her how little she knew and how mcuh she still had and wanted to learn.

2013-09-02 CNJ 05

She ran back to E-Sumi to learn more about conjuring magic. Good.

One good deed done.

Let’s see what the future brings.


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