Preparation for Exorcism

So I investigated how to exorcise an evil presence from a living person. I received some books from some white-robed Thaumaturges.

2013-09-08 THM4 01

After delivering them to the guild, the Boss studied them instantly and tried to convince his brothers that they should go against the old-fashioned way of dealing with things. Turns out, the old-fashioned way is killing who ever is possessed.

He loved his little brother too much to let him die, so he proposed to offer his own body to Mormo – Mormo would love a more powerful body, filled with magical energy!

2013-09-08 THM4 02

Once Mormo is inside of the body of the boss, the other brothers and me are supposed to… kill?… the boss? I didn’t quite get that.

The brothers were against that, saying, they had no chance against the boss. He was furious and pointed at me. “She is strong enough to take me alone. If she passes the hidden Trial, will you accept my proposal?”

It seems, there was a hidden, top secret trial in the guild that not even the guildleaders had all mastered yet.

So I went to master it to become stronger than a guildleader.

2013-09-08 THM4 03

So I fought against bats and slugs that supressed my magical spells!

2013-09-08 THM4 04

And last but not least a gigantic gnat that I blew up with fire spells. Yes, it is that easy.

2013-09-08 THM4 05

I then walked by the boys like a boss.

2013-09-08 THM4 06

The big boss was pleased by my performance. I had impressed everyone and they planned to proceed with mormo and their little brother as suggested earlier.

2013-09-08 THM4 07

I really don’t have a good feeling about this. Maybe I should keep my distance from the guild for a while… I don’t want to hurt the boss. He already had bandages all around his face.


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