Devil Inside

Crybaby came to visit the Thaumaturge’s Guild more and more often. Lately, there had been cruel murders of Thaumaturges and everyone was quite uneasy about it. Crybaby came to investigate this with me.

2013-09-03 THM3 01

Even the boss had become suspicious about Crybaby’s strange way of talking and acting… About time, someone realizes that there is something really wrong.

2013-09-03 THM3 02

Together with Crybaby, I went to investigate the murders. While he was just idling around, he made me check the corpses myself. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever done in my whole life! And I’m already 15 years old!!

2013-09-03 THM3 03

Summing up, I found a Bloody Scepter. The blood on it had a sticky touch. Ewww.

Then I found a Shredded Tome, a book that seemed to have been torn apart with something sharp like a claw. A monster? A sword?

And last but not least I found a Bloody Bracelet… Not many clues on this but it was so covered in blood that it was impossible to tell from what it was made… Urgh…

Crybaby told me, it must have been one of those imps that were hanging around under the huge bridge where the murders had taken place. I killed it while a random mercenary was helping me. Not that I needed his help…

2013-09-03 THM3 04

Something was still of. The imp wasn’t that srong. he couldn’t have killed three Thaumaturges that easily. Also, their claws didn’t fit to the cuts in the Magic tome…

2013-09-03 THM3 05

Before I could realize, Crybaby was behind me, surrounded by an evil aura, tossing a Dagger at me!

2013-09-03 THM3 06

It would have hit me directly but the boss interfered with his pro magic! He saved my life! Thanks boss :D

2013-09-03 THM3 07

The voidsent that had taken over Crybaby’s body was angry, that he couldn’t take over my magic power. He had been after me from the beginning as my magic aura shines so strongly – he said. Unfortunately, this voidsent was also very clever. He knew that the boss would not hurt Crybaby and thus wouldn’t attack directly!

2013-09-03 THM3 08

So he just did some creepy, strange stuff and warped away in Crybabys body…

2013-09-03 THM3 09

Left behind with nothing but emptiness, the boss wanted to be alone and sort his thoughts. He wanted to save his brother by all means and I am sure, he will call me again when he has come up with a dangerous but effective strategy.

2013-09-03 THM3 10

And I will be there to support him! We must save Crybaby!

If anyone finds any clues about Crybaby’s whereabouts or how to save this cute boy, please let me know asap. Thanks!


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