The Botanist in me

After my educational arcane holiday in Limsa Lominsa, I decided to discover what Ul’dah had to offer for me. Little did I know when I first traveled though the outskirts of the town. I never expected that my life could change so dramatically.

While exploring an old excavation site, I met Ryko’to! We talked about why he left in the middle of the Copperbell mine adventure.

2013-08-30 Gathering 01

Turns out, he is a thief, living by stealing money and goods from the rich ul’arian people. He said that there are so many peple in that town who have too much money or food, that stealing off them won’t even hurt! Angryly, I scolded him. One cannot simply steal and betray other people who have worked for what they own.

After discussing this, he slowly convinced me. If the rich people won’t even be hurt when you steal from them, lie to them, pretend you need help and then steal their belongings… then why shouldn’t one do this?

Ryko’to taught me a secret technique that I should try. I decided to teleport to Ul’dah to try it. Ryko seemed really happy that he convinced me but I had to promise to keep this a secret from Sir Scott as he is too old and wouldn’t understand us young people.

2013-08-30 Gathering 02

Back in Ul’dah I became a bit scared. Should I really do that?

Ryko’s words had made me think. He said that old heroes are usually found at the graveyard. We had also talked a bit about my evil aunt and that I’m trying to find clues of her. Spontaneously I asked the lady at the Miner’s guild if she knew a graveyard for heroes. She was confused but she pointed one out to me.

2013-08-30 Gathering 03

I checked it out, checked every gravestone, every name, but nowhere I found “Riiko Rinkoko”, the name of my aunt.

2013-08-30 Gathering 04

Disappointed and somehow happy, I followed another advice from Ryko. The battlefield was a dangerous place. I should refrain from endangering my life and treasure it more. Thus, I became a Botanist!

2013-08-30 Gathering 05

Following the advices and basic tasks of my Guildmaster, I equipped myself with a cool gathering outfit and traveled through the forest in search of logging and harvesting points. I even made my own straw hat to look like my Guildmaster. Although I got the carnation on it from little Lord Razico. So sweet! He said, he had picked it up just for me~

2013-08-30 Gathering 06

And so my peaceful adventure in the forest began.

2013-08-30 Gathering 07


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