Trials of Stone, Wind and Water

I decided to first concentrate on the path of a Conjurer.

While living in harmony with the elements, it is a Conjurer’s task to become one with nature, control its flow of the wind, ensure the strength of the ground and preserve the lifestream of the water. Mastering all these elements enables a Conjurer to preserve balance and thus obtain healing magic to protect the life of all creatures.

2013-08-27 CNJ Trial 0

Aftrer days of training, my Guild master E-Sumi-Yan tested my strength!
I had to prove that I mastered the three conjuring elements through Trials of Stone, Wind and Water. The Trial of Stone was super easy. My practise of throwing rocks at enemies using magic instead of hands payed off.

When I was asked to cleanse polluted air in a specific area full of bad auras, a dangerous monster with a huge mouth and sharp teeth appeared! It was angry that I wanted to clean his bad smelling air and attacked me. He had a very bad breath… But I was stronger! The Air Spirits he summoned would not hurt me as I BECAME THE AIR!

2013-08-27 CNJ Trial 1

After successfully getting rid of the monster, I was asked to clean some water somewhere. Had the monster from before peed in the water and polluted it with its pee?!! Angrily I hurried to the specified location and purified the water with my super awesome magic.

2013-08-27 CNJ Trial 2

E-Sumi was surprised by my talent and praised me lots. On the other hand, he was not pleased with another Conjurer pupil who refused to become one with the elements and would just use healing magic! E-Sumi feared that she will suffer a terrible fate if this goes on. Maybe I can talk some sense into that silly pupil some time.

2013-08-27 CNJ Trial 3

As reward for my great progress, E-Sumi taught me Fluid Aura, a very rare Water magic spell!

2013-08-27 CNJ Trial 4 Fluid Aura

Now I can use the force of water to kick enemies away from me! This is so cool! \(^.^)/


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